Our Services

Aircraft Spare parts and accesories

Safran Helicopter Engines and Pratt & Whitney Canadá exclusive representantives for the region.
Aircraft Spare parts and accesories in stock for General and Corporate Aviation.

We don’t sell parts, we provide solutions.

Mapiex Aviation leading provider of aircraft parts, supplies, chemicals, special tools, structural skins, different aviation oils and lubricants, tires, batteries, hardware and more in making our stock, the largest in Central America. Also we provides a logistical services that reduce the respond time for your special requirements with a capacity of delivery to any part of the world .

We offer the following services:

  • A.O.G. Services (contact: aog@mapiex.com).
  • Technical Aviation Libraries and Publications for Aircraft Maintenance (Fix Wing and Rotative Wing), Pilots or Studets.
  • OEM Maintenace Programs. (ESP,SBH and 5 Stars Programs).
  • OEM Rental Engines Services.
  • Extensive lines of aviation oils and Lubricants, Tires and batteries.
  • OEM Engine components and acessories for SAFRAN H.E. and Pratt & Whitney Canada.
  • Most Extensive Hardware, Linning brakes and Bearings for all General Aviation Aircafrts, including MLG and NLG seal kits.
  • Overhaul and Repair of aircraft and engines accesories.
  • Solutions for Airfield and Helipads Certified Ilumination.