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FBO Ground Handling

We offer the following Ground Handling services:

  • Customs, Inmigration, Avsec & Security inside

  • Flight Plans, Weather Reports

  • Landing and Overflight Permits

  • Aircraft Services

  • Aircraft and Hangar Ground Services

  • Jet Fuel A1 & Av-Gas

  • 24-hour Security

  • We accept UV-AIR, AVCard, Multiservice, VISA, Master Card & AMEX Welcome

  • Permits for non-scheduled international charter flights

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VIP Services

for Crew and Passenger

We offer the following VIP services:

  • VIP Lounge and Business Center

  • Wi-Fi

  • Cable TV

  • Passenger Transportation

  • Hotel Booking

  • Car Rental

  • Catering Services

  • Coffee, Tea and Soft Beverages

Crew Services:

  • Pilots Resting Area

  • Flight Planning Area

  • Transportation

  • Hotel Booking

  • Car Rental

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Aircraft Sales

We are sale agents for the following aircraft manufacturers:

  • Textron Aviation

  • Airbus Helicopters

  • Viking Air

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Aircraft Parts

We have the most exclusive lines of engines, parts and spare parts for your aircrafts and helicopters.

All of our products comply with FAA 8130-3 form, so that the client can ensure 100% original certification and warranty.

We offer the following services:

  • Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

  • Inventory of books, accessories and spare parts for airplanes

  • Lubricants, additives and batteries in the warehouse for immediate delivery

  • Panels of all sizes and rivets for any type of structural repair

  • Various sizes of electrical wiring and terminals, approved by the FAA

  • Comprehensive logistical service when handling imports and exports

  • CONAPRED license to handle controlled chemical substances

Engine Maintenance Programs:

  • ESP Program by Pratt and Whitney

  • SBH Program by SAFRAN HE

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We provide high-quality maintenance services, such as:

  • Fixed maintenances

  • Hourly maintenances for airplane and helicopter pistons

  • Hourly maintenances for airplane and helicopter turbines

  • Yearly inspections for aircrafts

  • 50, 100, 500 and 1000 hour inspections

  • Component replacements

  • Propeller replacements

  • Motor replacements

  • Tire replacements

  • Oil changes

  • Turbine and compressor washes

  • Propeller assessments

  • Preflight inspections

  • Survival kit inspections

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Air Taxi

We offer airplane and helicopter rental for domestic private flights, with the following benefits:

  • VIP Lounge

  • Flexible schedules

  • Varied aircrafts fleet

  • Integral flight coordination

  • Highest safety and security standards

We have an infrastructure of more than 6000 sq2 and private parking. Our modern facilities have an exclusive lounge, where you will be able to meet privately with the rest of the passengers and enjoy refreshing beverages, tea, and coffee before your flight, cable TV, free WIFI connection and reading material.

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Frequently asked questions

Can the crew arrive and/or depart on GenDec?2019-10-07T15:21:06-05:00

Crew must do the same process as the passengers, have the gendec and apis and tramit a visa if staying overnight.

Any Customs restrictions?2019-10-07T15:19:42-05:00


Customs? If yes, please specify the hours of operation.2019-10-07T15:19:14-05:00

It is available 24 hours.

Restrictions due to size/weight of aircraft?2019-10-07T15:18:29-05:00


Navigator required?2019-10-07T15:17:43-05:00


Special crew training requirements?2019-10-07T15:17:19-05:00


ICAO Fire Fighting Category?2019-10-07T15:12:04-05:00


ATC available in English?2019-10-07T15:08:36-05:00

Yes it is available in English.

Receiving party/Sponsor needed?2019-10-07T14:55:51-05:00

Only for business flights.

Lead time to obtain landing permission?2019-10-07T14:55:10-05:00

48 hours.

Is the Aerodrome a point of entry?2019-10-07T14:40:10-05:00

Yes it is.

Operating Hours of the Aerodrome2019-10-07T10:48:03-05:00

Available 24 hours.