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FBO Ground Handling
We offer the following Ground Handling services

FBO Ground Handling
Mapiex International will accompany you in your flight operations in a wide variety of airports, giving you confidence, support, increased safety and operational efficiency, high quality standards in the services required by an aircraft and its ground operations.
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39 Years in the Private Aviation Industry

  • Customs, Inmigration, Avsec & Security inside
  • Flight Plans, Weather Reports
  • Landing and Overflight Permits
  • Aircraft Services
  • Aircraft and Hangar Ground Services
  • Jet Fuel A1 & Av-Gas
  • 24-hour Security
  • We accept UV-AIR, AVCard, Multiservice, VISA, Master Card & AMEX 
  • Permits for non-scheduled international charter flights
  • VIP Services, Catering and transportation
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